Kate, the main instructor and Director of Salsa ¡Agua!, has been dancing Latin dance for more than 20 years. She has been teaching Cuban dance and Salsa since 2008. Her patient, fun, energetic teaching style is contagious and she will have you dancing and having a great time before you know it.

A trip to Cuban in 2009 saw her training in Havana with Isaias Rojas Ramirez director of Ban Rarra dance company. She was a senior instructor and performer with the Cuban Groove in Auckland, working with New Zealand’s premier Cuban professional dancers Greydis Montero Liranza and Isbert (Vivio) Ramos for several years before her relocation to Tauranga in 2013. A return trip to Cuban in 2017 led to further opportunities to train in Havana with Isaias Rojas Ramirez director of Ban Rarra dance company and Santiago All Stars.


Kate is a trustee of the NZ Cuban Festival Trust which runs the Annual National Cuban Festival, and is also part of the organising committee for the Bay Salsa Festival. She teachers a range of Cuban dancers (Salsa, Rudea de Casino, Son , Rumba, Chachacha, Cubaton and some Afro Cuban dances), Bachata and Merengue.

Kate is captivated with the fun, authenticity and depth of Cuban dance and she wants you to discover the joy of Cuban dance too.

What our students say!

I had such a good time at dance class with Kate Maguire last night. Salsa Agua classes are fun and energetic. I’m looking forward to next week already. Hopefully we can sort another babysitter. Thanks for making last night happen, Mum. Aug 2019

Claire Christie

Thank you for teaching me what I like, for every hour spent, for all the patience hahahah and especially for that energy and smile you have Paula Molina and Mokoera for being great dancers and make this more entertaining It was a very nice experience Nov 2019

Daniela Rodriguez Rojas

Last night’s screening of ‘Buena Vista Social Club’ was fuuuunnn!! Thanks so much to ‘Salsa Agua’ for your excelente Cubano dance grooves and massive high-fives to everyone who participated in the dance lesson….there were some serious dance moves going on and we were well impressed! x  July 2018

Cult Cinema Club

Kate Maguire is a wonderful teacher, her soul is Latin!It is never too late to learn how to DANCE… Jan 2017

Adriana Giselle

Loved it tonight Kate! In the words of The Terminator…’I’ll be back”, July 2017

Rebecca Hulse

Kate is a great teacher and really enjoyed the class on Friday and looking forward to attending one of the Thursday social evening. August 2016

Paula Harrison

Kate your choreography’s are amazing. July 2015 I really liked that follow on at the end of our session last night. It was enjoyable for me. Aug 2015

Robyn Crosa

Miss Kate, You have been absolutely amazing over the past er 8 or so weeks. You’re diligence, patience, encouragement, support, knowledge, and skill. I believe you give the world a reason to dance! To take those around you on a journey and bring out the best no matter what is a skill and a gift … More Dawn Speakman

Dawn Speakman

She’s a great Salsa teacher. Sep 2015

Stormie Lewis

Great class last night Kate. June 2013

Patricia Foote