Inside a Class

Our classes start with a “follow me” warm up.  We start by gentling stretching and warming up the body from nose to toes.


Our second warm up is more fun and athletic. Try your best to follow the instructors it gives you a chance to practice your basics and styling. They are generally kept at a level the class is operating but may be at a speed to challenge you.  This warm up usually where you will run through some of the key basics that you need to have, and we touch on some of the fundamental dances influencing salsa.

Salsa and Rueda classes will break into the class proper. We ask you to join into couples, don’t worry, we change partners regularly. We will begin with a review of where the class is up to a medium paced song for the level.

Some days we dance in a circle formation (man’s right and women’s left hand toward the centre of the circle) in an open break basic (guapea basic) and follow the calls from the instructor. For Rueda classes this means a change in partner with most moves.

Other days we will be working on Social dancing, what to do when you are out at a party. How to use what you have learnt in a social setting, and moves that are useful once dancing outside a circle.

Then we will slow down and review moves that students are having trouble with or introduce a new move, Partners are changed regularly including the instructors to help get the feel for different leads. Classes are very fluid to maintain the fun and keep the classes level enjoyable.

We will then finish off practicing what you have learnt to a medium to fast paced song and a bit of fun.