Get your Cuban on at Bay Salsa Festival


Cuban Origins, Cuban Salsa and Rueda

The Latin music we hear today has its origins in Cuba where the blending of African drumming rhythms and Spanish Guitar evolved into a variety of Latin american Music: Son, Danzon, the rhythms of Carnival, Cha cha cha, Mambo and most recently Salsa.

Cuban Salsa is not mechanical technique, but understanding and spontaneous use of the rich Afro-Cuban Dance vocabulary within a dance. A true Cuban Salsero frequently improvises with reference to other dances integrating movements, gestures and passages from folkloric and popular (eg Cha cha cha, Mambo, Danzon) heritage.

With two main basics, there is lots to chose from in Cuban salsa. The first basic  is the forward and backward break pattern found in Son, most commonly danced in a closed position is similar to that used in linear salsa.  The second basic is called guapea (pronounced waapea), is danced in an open position and where the foot-work for the male or lead  is opposite to the first basic and can incorporate a tap on the fourth beat. In both cases the distinctive feature of cuban salsa is that the dancers take a circular motion rather than dancing in a slot.

If you love salsa then imagine the sensation of doing so not with one person but with an entire group. Rueda de Casino ( shortened usually to Rueda) is country and western square dancing SALSA style. A leader calls out or signals a short combination of steps usually ending in a pattern where there is a change in partners. Its intoxicating and addictive, in its truest form it’s an art of communication that requires dancers to be alert and quick.

Bay Salsa Festival Cuban Artists

We at Bay Salsa Festival are very proud to bring you a range of artists teaching in our Cuban salsa Program. We have two strands of workshops to inspire and challenge you.

Let’s get dancing  Cuban: technique and moves to get you social dancing.
Let’s try something new: open and beginner classes to introduce you so you can try something you might not have tried before both in Cuban and other styles.

Without music and rhythm there is no dance, so we are bringing to you superbly trained, professional musician, and Cuban to boot, the one the only Snr Ernesto Zuniga and his lovely wife Natalie. They will be bringing their infectious fun style and extensive knowledge to us all. We have Ernesto’s NZ famous musicality lecture to help you understand the music to help you enjoy your dancing more. There will be a chance to try something new through an exploration of two of the most distinctive roots of Salsa: The elegant Son; and the fun and flirty Cuban Rumba.

e5sf13ba-164You want Rueda? We have Rueda for you. The fun and energetic Francisco and Javiera, originally from Chile but currently bringing their spice to VivaDance in Auckland. Fransisco and Javiera will take you on a journey from beginners, improves through to the challenging intermediate level, so Let’s get dancing!
We have shaker and mover Cinzea Cinzetta , originally from Italy but a recent resident in Auckland. She  will be bringing her sexy body movement and her passion to share her take on Cubaton. Its reggaeton, with a cuban twist so we call it Cubaton where traditional afro cuban moves are combined with Reggaeton.

Ms Cinzia along  with Ms Liza Kohunui, a cuban salsa teacher based in Rotorua, are going to review your cuban footwork
To get you started with your afro-cuban dance vocabulary, I will be bringing my open level Afro Cuban Boot Camp that gives you a taste of some of  the Afro-cuban folkloric dances!
So we have the artists they are hungry to share with you their knowledge and joy of Cuban Salsa.

So join us at Bay Salsa Festival 21-24th October in Tauranga and get your cuban on with us!

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