Some amazing reasons to get dancing!

Its the New Zealand Dance week 2019 is fast approaching. Keep an eye out on our facebook page for a free Cuban Dance taster class!

New Zealand Dance Week (NZDW) is a national event which celebrates and strives to raise awareness of all forms of dance in Aotearoa.

So here are some interesting videos that look at why its cool to dance. Not just Salsa any partner dance is a great way to get involved with dance.

A Tedex talk about the bigger pictue of partner dancing. How it improves communication and builds community.

Connection and communication in Partner Dancing

10 amazing health benefits of dance

Health Benefits of Dance

Why do we Dance? Reasons to get to a class and have a go!

Good Reasons to Dance!

So, get moving – get involved in an event and celebrate, elevate and participate in all things dance.

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