5 things you need to know before your first class

So you have decided its time to go to your first salsa or dance class. Awesome go for it!

But we know your probably thinking any of the following or something similar:

“I have two left feet”,

“I’ll probably look silly”,

“What if i can’t keep up with everyone else”,

” I’ll make too many mistakes”,

“I wont be as good as everyone else”

These are all pretty normal fears but we all had to have a first class at sometime. Even your  instructor goes though these fears when going to new classes or learning a new style as part of professional development.

So its our job to prepare you for a fun comfortable and enjoyable class, so we have a few points below we hope will help.


In a dance class it better to wear something comfortable and easy to move in. Wear something you look and feel confident in. Our recommendation is jeans and t-shirt. Not too tight as you will be bending and stretching.

Do wear deodorant, we can get a bit hot and sticky with the activity in class.

Bring some water to stay hydrated.

For your first class we recommend sneakers but this is not essential. Shoes need to clean and comfortable. Smooth thin soles and short heels are best. Ideally a shoe that is quiet on a hard-floor when to take a step.

No surprises but flip-flops, gumboots, stilettos are not recommended.

And most importantly don’t forget to bring an open mind!


Its essential in any dance class to participate. This all may feel awkward tat first because its new to you, but remember you’re in a safe space. The best way to learn is to let loose and move it. We expect mistakes, it is OK, its only your first lesson. Making mistakes is the bet way to learn.

Try not to get frustrated or upset. We love it when you laugh it off, take a break, relax, shake it out and try again. We will not give you any moves we don’t believe you can handle.


Please talk to us. We are here to create a relaxing, non-judgemental fun environment for you to learn. We will “Check-in” frequently during class please be honest and let us know how you are going.

Ask questions. All questions are good ones – you can always guarantee that someone else is thinking the same thing!


There will be times that it will seem like we are pushing you to learn one more thing. Please trust us, we believe n you and your abilities. We want this to be a fun experience that challenges you.

Learning something new can be a bit overwhelming. We will show you the key things you need to start you on your Salsa journey, but you have one of the most important tools. Your mind is one of your most powerful tools on your journey. Self affirmation has been proven to be a key element in achieving a new skill.

If your internal voice says things like:

“I will never beadle to dance like that”

“I can not do this step”

Then you will not get there, instead try to override the voice with these things instead:

“I can do it”

“This will take time and effort”

“What must I do to improve”

“Learning from my mistakes makes me better”

“Keep trying there is always ways to improve”


Salsa is a social dance form, that means you will be dancing in close proximity with other people. To help you learn better we will try to pair you initially with a more experienced dancer. Your instructor will dance with you too. Don’t be afraid with an instructor this is your opportunity to get specific one on one encouragement, correction and guidance. A super opportunity to grow, develop and get better.

During class we will trade partners and ask you to dance with new people. This is an integral part of the experience of Cuban Salsa. Dancing with new people is an essential element of social dancing and Rueda and how you get better at leading and following.

As we all learn differently its important to be patient with your partners progress.

Finally most importantly – Have Fun.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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