Our return under level 2

Well it’s been a challenging 3 months with the world and NZ facing the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic. We had suspended classes in March to encourage social distancing, but I know many of us have missed dance and the joy of connection, movement and expression we get through dance.

Level 2 and more importantly the increase in the size of social gatherings has made it possible for us to review and start classes again. However initially we will be running a social distancing friendly course. So the course will be Hands Free and we will be maintianing a 1 m distance while dancing our Cuban Shines.

Shines is when we dance salsa by ourselves. We do this sometimes during as social dance, and in performances. Learning shines improves our grounding in the many cubn salsa basics which allows us to focus our minds on other aspects of the dance once we start social dancing. Often these classes are more active than partner dancing as you do not have as many explanations going on.  We will also draw on the many dances that formed the foundation of Cuban Salsa, yoruba, arara, dancing of the bantu, cuban mambo, pilon, chachacha, and the party dances of conga and rumba.

Simply this will be a 3 week course at your level, for only $20.  At 7:30 pm we will do a beginners level shines class. This will be suitable for anyone who has had a go at Salsa but have not had years of experience. A more advanced level will run at 8:30 pm where we will challenge and introudce more rhythmic foot work challenges.  At either level, be prepared to move it and shake shake shake!

We will reutn to our reguar casual classes on the 29th of June, public health restrictions allowing :-).

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