Get your Cuban On at Aotearoa Cuban Festival 2023 (ACF23)

Every year Latin and Cuban dance enthusiasts come together in Rotorua to share their love of Cuban culture and dance. I’m excited to be a confirmed artist at the festival 10-12th March 2023.

What is this festival? Two nights of not to be missed dance parties and 2 days jam packed of amazing classes covering the amazing range of Cuban Dance.

What kind of classes are there? The classes cover Cuban salsa for soical dance and Rueda de Casino (Cuban salsa in a circle, executing the same moves togehter when called by a leader). These will be similar to the classes you would expeirence in your regualr school, but a range of instructors that are fun and amazing. Uniquely, there are an extenive range classes on the roots of salsa some dances that are from the african roots of dance in Cuba (the Bantu, Yourba and Arara). This festival also brings classes on dances that orignated in Cuba that are the roots from which Salsa developed from, the two most important are the Rumba and Son Cubano. The most extensive Cuban dance offering in one place and one time in New Zealand. The best place to explore and enjoy Cuban dance. Check out the timetable here

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Who are the instructors? This festival is pulling togehter all of the top Cuban sytle instructors in New Zealand. The festival brings together the Cuban born instructors who regualrly teach in New Zealand. The amazing Greyids, Vivio and Rafael. They bring an authenticity to their instruction that you will love. In addition we have some amazing insturctors from around the country who are all joining us to share their love of Cuban dance. See here

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What level of dancer are the classes for? There are beignner classes for those that have begun their journey. There are open level classes which are for those that have never experienced that sytle but will also bring something for those that have expeirenced i.e. it will cater to all levels. We then have improver classes and intermediate classes for those ready to challenge them selves with rhythm, complexity, body movement and style.

I’m a beginner is there going to be something for me? Yes, there are specific beginner level classes and open level classes to take you on a jornery to explore cuban dance. There is is a specific beginners pass that gets you access to all the Open level & beginner level classes and of course entry to all the parties. All that for only $80 (+ ticketing fee)

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What are the beneifts of festivals? Going to a dance festival offers you a great opportunity to share and meet people from different places, and they also love and are passionate about dancing. You can go alone or accompanied, but the truth is that it doesn’t matter because you know you will meet new people becuase sharing the same passion opens a door to new connections and friendships.

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