Buena Vista Social Club

Big shout out to the Salsa ¡Auga! Performance team who worked hard and pulled together a little Son Routine to Chan Chan for the screening of the amazing movie Buena Vista Social Club at a local Cinema Club. I never knew they were around, but they show some cool movies on show and put on an amazing experience at the Historic Village Cinema.  https://cultcinemaclub.com/

The organisers were super pleased, I was most impressed with only 2 weeks and probably 2 practices with the entire team together, a new style, changing team members as injury and illness came into play,  we pulled it off. Great work team!mmd1624-large

“Last night’s screening of ‘Buena Vista Social Club’ was fuuuunnn!! Thanks so much to ‘Salsa Agua’ for your excelente Cubano dance grooves and massive high-fives to everyone who participated in the dance lesson….there were some serious dance moves going on and we were well impressed! x”

Cult Cinema Club, Tauranga July 2018

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