Time to Dance

Welcome to 2017! How are your new year resolutions going? What a great time to learn to Dance! Salsa classes begin 17th January at 7:30 pm at Elizabeth Street Community Hall. See you there!


To Tap or not to Tap – That is the question? What is the tap? A tap is basically is the striking of the free foot to the floor in any direction. In beginners Cuban Salsa this generally pertain to the ball of the foot or toes. As we get more advance it could be … More 1-2-3-Tap!

Come Dance with Us!

Dancing with us is an experience you’ll never forget Join Salsa Agua! Tauranga’s only Cuban based Salsa school –  it’s heaps of fun! Our amazing instructors will have you moving like you never thought you would be able to! Dancing is a great way to meet people and make new friends.