Learn Bachata

Did you know that at Salsa ¡Agua! we also teach Bachata?

Bachata is a dance which originates from Dominican Republic a neighbor of Cuba. The music has its roots in some of the same origins as Cuban Salsa. It has evolved into a number of styles, one that we teach in Tauranga is Bachata Sensual, it has a mix of sexy hips, connection and flow, crazy footwork with a rhythmic base. A perfect match for Cuban Salseros. You can check out an awesome video from some top professionals here

Kate teaches Bachata with a team at Bay Salsa dance community. Alvaro and Paula teach the Improvers level, while Kate teams with Karen to bring you beginners.

Beginners is Monday at 7:30 pm at 162 Durham Street. The studio is a little hard to find, its behind Nood – go down the alley off Elizabeth street between Nood and the Melting Pot Korean Cafe. The class is $10.

Improvers is now on Tuesday’s at 8:15 pm at Elizabeth St Community Hall, 169 Elizabeth Street. In the other room while Cuban Salsa Improvers II is on. The class is $10.

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