Classes are on hold until Level 2

As we face the latest challenge in the COVID-19 pandemic with our latest Level 4 lockdown on 17 August 2021, I know many of us will be missing dance and the joy of connection, movement and expression. We were lucky to run one last classes before lockdown, thank you to those who joined us. The good news is we in Tauranga will be dropping to level 3 on midnight Tuesday 31 August.

While this is good news, we will not be able to resume classes until we enter Level 2. Level 2 generaly comes with an increase in the size of social gatherings and will make it possible for us to review and start classes again. As required by our venue in level 2 public classes will be a social distance friendly course and may requrie masks depending on updatd is public health recommendations. Keep an eye out here or on facebook for the latest as we work through the requirements. We will resume our partner work normal classes when we return Level 1.

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