Twinkle Toes Returns 14 September 2021…

So we are back at Covid alert level 2. Hope you enjoyed the respite. We have been working with our venue and are able to continue classes abeit modified to allow social distancing. So we have pivoted our classes to bring you some classes and keep you dancing. Important to note: We will have to keep 2 m distancing and masking will be required by the public venue requirements. Please support us in keeping everyone safe.

Our Beginners class will focus on foot work – Salsa by your self – get your basics under control. Partnerwork is so much quicker to learn if you have your basic paterns locked in. This class will help you move and grove and get confortable with your basics.

Our beginners II and improvers will join into one level for Level 2 classes this time. We will start exploring Musicality – understanding salsa music, how to find and keep your time and incorporating body movement into you basic.

Dancing by yourself / sometimes referred to as shines helps you cement your basic foot patterns, develop better balance (see no one to hold you up :-), understand weight transfer, become more flexible on the dance floor by learning to move in all directions, get better posture, and learn some funky body movement that you can use to add your flavour. All of this means when you are partner dancing you can focus on the lead and follow, the connection and flow and musicality!

Our current levels will apply with absolute beginners at 7:30, beginners 2 and improvers at 8:15. Pricing will be the same with $10 a casual for the night, and our consession cards still apply.

See you soon!

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